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Clots Often Travel From Other Parts Of The Body.

These include: Losing weight if you are overweight Sometimes, blood thinners may be used to prevent the artery from becoming blocked again. Arch Ophthalmol. 2006 July. 1247:972-7. Clots often travel from other parts of the body. Risk Factors edit | edit source Atherosclerosis, cardiac valvular, myxoma disease and other disorders contributing to em bolus formation; coagulopathies sickle cell, oral contraceptives, homocystinuria, pregnancy, platelet and factor abnormalities, collagen vascular diseases, ocular abnormalities arterial loops, optic disc drusen and other migraine, hypo tension, trauma. Photocoagulation uses a laser to create tiny burns on the peripheral surface of the retina, which leaves your central vision intact. The SCORE study mentioned above found that intra ocular corticosteroid injections may help reduce vision loss in people with CRVO. Our Helpline can also give you information about the low vision services available, schooling, work and employment and our website offers lots of practical information about adapting to changes in your vision and products that make everyday tasks easier. Some people may require multiple laser treatments over time.  The highest rate of occurrence is in individuals in their 60s and 70s.

Please try again later. However, other factors that affect blood flow can put you at a higher risk of having retinal vascular occlusion. So long as the intra ocular pressure is maintained within reasonable limits, the eyes maintain the residual peripheral vision. Systemic acetazolamide Diamox: I have found that some patients but not all with non-ischemic CRVO and macular enema respond to this therapy; but once again the macular enema is under control only so long as the patient is taking the drug.

Retinal vascular occlusion