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In This Condition, The Protective Membrane Lining The Eyelids And Exposed Regions Of The Eyeball, Called Conjunctiva Gets Swollen, Itchy And Red.

Eye pressure is the pressure of aqueous humour, which is essential for normal functioning of the eye. It is a physical therapy for the entire visual system and the part of brain controlling it. In this condition, the protective membrane lining the eyelids and exposed regions of the eyeball, called conjunctiva gets swollen, itchy and red. The tea present in tea bags contain stannic acid which assist in swelling reduction. This clouding leads to partial vision impairment and if not checked it may lead to blindness. Measles is a highly contagious viral illness that is commonly seen in children. It is caused due to increased pressure within the eyeball, which leads to damage to the optic nerve. Besides swollen eyelids, a person will also experience excessive tearing, reddening of the eyes, blisters on the eyelids and other parts of the face, sensitivity to light, etc. You can administer this herbal solution on the dog's eyes 3-4 times a day using an eye dropper.

There are several conditions that lead to swollen eyelids, however, we will look at some of the most common ones in this guzzle article. Canines exhibiting the aforementioned symptoms should be taken to a vet immediately. People who are affected by high eye pressure should seek prompt medical attention, as this condition is known to develop into glaucoma. Sometimes, difference in pressure between the two eyes is noticed, which can lead to certain types of glaucoma, iritis or retinal detachment, etc.